Make October your best month yet!

September is a transition month as the seasons change, summer holidays end and kids go back to school. 

But October has fewer speed-bumps. It’s often “business as usual.” The kids have been back in school for a month or more and no major holidays are on the calendar. October is the perfect time to focus on yourself and get some great habits in place.

Here’s a quick activity to help you do it: Jot down your major health and fitness goals (and feel free to email them to me if you like!). Now think of three things you can do in October to accomplish those goals faster.

Here’s an example:

Major goals: 

– Reduce stress and feel better mentally. 

– Drop 10 lb.

October activities that will support those goals: 

– Booking the month’s workouts ahead of time to make sure I train four times per week.

– Setting a calendar reminder to do 10 minutes of mindset drills every day at 7 a.m.

– Blocking off time for meal prep every Sunday evening to ensure I’m not tempted by the drive-thru on busy weekdays.

You can imagine what will happen if a person commits to this plan for the next month. Great results will come!

But here’s the trick: We’re using October to set a pattern that will continue during the holidays in November and December and into 2024.


We are bringing back our nutrition coaching program!!! This is a program that has worked wonders in the past to improve Fanatics relationship with food, the scale as well as given them more clarity on the difference between eating for fat-loss, maintenance and muscle gain. I’ve personally gone through the nutrition program with great success and have improved my knowledge about food, the scale and how to be strategic about successful fat-loss.

We are bringing in Semaj Hunter who comes highly recommended from someone I greatly respect in the Fitness industry. After speaking with Semaj last month I thought he would be a great fit for us because of his knowledge, skill, empathy and approach to food in general. Semaj made a video introducing himself in our FACEBOOK MEMBERSHIP GROUP (click HERE to join). I’ve attached the some program details to the bottom of the newsletter on what to expect in the program. The program will require a minimum 12 week commitment and we are doing weekly billing for the program @ $80/week. If you’ve ever struggled with your nutrition and want to get on the right track please email me and I will get you in touch with Semaj. We are only taking 10 Fanatics so please reach out before his slots are booked.


We all know things get a little wild as the year draws to a close, so it’s critical to dial in your habits now. If they aren’t in place when Thanksgiving and the December holidays roll around, chaos is likely. 

But if your routine is established, you can rely on it to carry you through the family gatherings, work parties and schedule changes.

Try the activity above right now. It will require about two minutes. If you do it, you’ll be taking a major step to prioritize yourself and your goals.  

You can take action on your own, but here’s a special offer for you: Hit “reply” to this email and tell me what activities you’re committing to in October to support your goals. I’d love to know and sharing your plan will build in accountability. 

I’ll be sure to offer any insight or tips that might help you find success. If we can help, I’ll tell you exactly what we can do for you in a GOAL REVIEW SESSION. Click HERE to set one up or hit the “Book a Consultation” link at the bottom of this email.

Remember this above all: Patterns only become patterns if you commit to them. And October is the time to do it!


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