Inspiring Stories

Wake up. Have some coffee. Get to the Fit Foundry and follow the week’s work out. That’s the routine. It’s easy! Before the Fit Foundry – it wasn’t as easy. Many gyms are built upon instability and are not as client centric. Built on community, Fit Foundry is the “McLaren’s” of facilities. As my wife puts it, before dynamic training “you had no clue what you were doing”. I would run miles, follow lifting programs that guaranteed results. I would just end up sore, burnt out, and settle back into a lethargic lifestyle. Thanks to the Fit Foundry team, I have seen physical growth the workouts are never redundant. Always fun and challenging whether your a beginner to advanced, just show up, work hard, follow directions and you will succeed.


I’ve trained 1:1 with Dave for years, and was ecstatic when he began to talk about opening his new gym. Fit Foundry does not disappoint.  On the gym and the programming:  Not only is the gym an absolutely gorgeous space, with carefully curated equipment, but he has handpicked a group of great instructors to train, coach and support the programming. I am a big fan of the workouts – the programming is thoughtful and variations for moves are provided which leave room for each person to push themselves, gracefully work at their own fitness level or modify based on injuries or areas to avoid. Each class provides enough variety that I am constantly engaged and able to push myself, and I leave tired but happy, with the right type of feeling sore.  I have recommended the gym to friends and anyone who will listen, of various fitness levels, and they all make it through the workouts given the ability to customize within the program.  The small group training also keeps me on my toes, with sets that are tough, but that provide a more intimate and personal experience with the trainer.  I find many times with group training it is one size fits all, but at Fit they truly try to not fit that mold.  I can have a very individual feeling workout even in group training as you can push yourself or change the workout by going heavier, speeding up or slowing down, all within an incredibly supportive environment. The evolving programming, quality of instruction, members and atmosphere have created an environment I am excited to make time for in my day – that and the fact that I can already see and feel the changes that the programming has made!!