Hometown – North Hudson County (fighting out of West New York)

Fun Fact – there is footage somewhere out there on the Internet of me performing “Nookie” by Limp Bizkit on ‘Say What Kareoke’ which was a show on MTV. This happened about 18 years ago and I’ve tried my best to do away with all footage so good luck finding it.

Fav thing about FF – my favorite thing about FF is the staff (my coworkers) and the members/clients. They both make for a such a fun atmosphere to be in where I am constantly learning, teaching, laughing or dancing.

Fit Cred – Ace CPT and Nasm CPT

Fit tip – just move and smile with whatever it is you choose as your workout. If you enjoy it and are having a good time it will not seem like a chore and next thing you know you’ll form a great habit or maybe addiction…but a healthy one.



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