Ditch the All or Nothing Mindset This Summer!

When the sun’s out and the weather warms up, does your schedule get packed? Between backyard gatherings, weekend getaways, outdoor sports, day trips with the kids, and your usual workout routine, it can be hard to fit everything in.

It’s easy to slip into an all-or-nothing mindset, trying to make the most of the summer months. With so many activities, you might find yourself working out less, eating less healthy, sleeping less, and feeling more stressed. When you’re not at your best, negative self-talk can get louder and your confidence can take a hit. But keeping up with your fitness routine can help you enjoy all the summer activities you love. Hard to believe, right?

Goal Review Session
Goal Review Sessions area great opportunity to streamline your success with a plan.

Living your best summer starts with small habits. Sticking to your workouts each week keeps you on track with sleep, makes you more mindful of what you eat, and gives you the energy to do more every day. Your workouts help you stay strong for that sport you want to try, keep up with your kids, explore the city, or enjoy a hike with friends.

Balancing your life means your workouts also let you stay out later with friends and enjoy treats without guilt. Most importantly, working out boosts your confidence to dive into the things you love. Consistent workouts help you appreciate what your body can do, not just how it looks, so you can make the most of your summer.

Sounds great, right? I know it’s easier said than done. Consistency is the biggest challenge for many of our Fanatics (clients). That’s why Fit Foundry’s programming is designed to help you stay on track. After going through a goal setting session we will determine how many days per week you’ll training with us. Ideally you’ll train with us 2-3 times a week attending a mixture or Semi Private and Large Team Training or just Large Team Training. It’s our job to come up with a strategy to set you up with a routine that is set up around your goals, schedule and workout history. No more starting and stopping. Stay consistent through the summer and enjoy the benefits in every part of your life. FORGE AHEAD.


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