Change has to happen on THEIR terms NOT YOURS!

Change has to happen on THEIR terms NOT YOURS!

If you want a loved one to make a change then you must realize that the change you want them to make has to happen on their terms; not yours. We love our clients at Fit Foundry and we’d love to make this a family affair, but we always proceed with caution when a client comes in and says they want to purchase their loved one a membership so they could start being healthier.

When we hear this its always best to pump the brakes and we ask “…before you spend some moooollla will your (insert loved one here) use it and have they expressed interest. If they have not, then please don’t waste your hard earned cash”. ¬†Wait!! A gym that doesn’t want your money and not have you show up?? Counter-intuitive right?!? Yea, that’s how we roll.


Anyway, please keep in mind that if your loved one has not expressed the interest to make a change, then they are not ready for it. One day they might be and that Transtheoretical Model applied to fitness is for another blog post. But for now, please don’t drive a wedge between now and that point by what is seen by that person as another annoying attempt to “change them”.


Forge Ahead Friends!!


Dave Quevedo